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We manufacture customer specific Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime to cater all industries with Lime application. Buy Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime of best quality at Durga Lime Industries.


Quick Lime (Calcium Oxide), also known as Burnt Lime and Calcined Lime is formed by calcination of Lime Stone (Calcium Carbonate). Quick Lime manufactured at Durga Lime Industries is derived from high quality Limestone and is checked on various parameters in order to offer the best quality supply to our customers. Specifications of Quick Lime produced by us is as follows (Tested by steel method):

S.No. Content Percentage
1. CaO 90% +
2. MgO 1.96 %
3. SiO2 1.91 %
4. LOI 2.51 %


Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide), also known as slaked lime is formed by slaking of Quick Lime (Calcium Oxide) with water. The Hydrated Lime manufactured in our state-of-art plant is free flowing fine powder, without any grits and impurities. We manufacture Hydrated Lime in the range of 75% Ca(OH) 2 to 90% Ca(OH)2.
Specification of Hydrated Lime with 90% Ca(OH)2  are as below:

S.No. Content Percentage
1 Ca(OH)2 90.00% +
2 SiO2(IR) 0.92%
3 MgO 0.74%
4 A12O3 0.33%
5 Fe2O3 0.068%


Different industries require different sizes of Quick Lime. To facilitate this, we supply our high-quality quicklime as per size requirement of the customer. The standard sizes of Quick Lime Provided by us are as below:

  • 0-3 mm.
  • 200 mesh

Apart from above-mentioned sizes, we have the machinery to cater special requirements also.

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